Gems of Beauty


Title: Gems of Beauty

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: I am very proud of this picture for a few reasons. First of all, this was just a simple picture of the edge of a plaque that sits in the middle of the town, nothing special right? Well I was messing around with color and found out there were stones in this plaque that could be individually changed, and wallah! An hour and a half later I finished my idea for what you see before you! I quite enjoyed editing this one. Hope you all like it as well!


10 thoughts on “Gems of Beauty

    • Thanks for liking and commenting! Means a lot when people actually take the time to say something 🙂 I do love the colors of this post a lot though 😛

      • Of course you can! Nothing is a secret here 🙂 I’ve actually thought a bit about making a page of “secrets” that I use like on my iPad and just tips for those who want to take photos, but anyway. I obviously used the camera on the iPad to take the picture, then I used the Pix app to enhance the color of the photo three different ways. Then I saved the photos (One saved yellow, one teal, one purple) Then I went to an app called Sketchbook pro (Costs money, but is definitely worth it) and added all three color photos to it as different layers and erased and blended the photos to get the tri-color scheme. Then I used an app called ColorBlast! HD to take out the color on top and in the two bottom corners. Lastly I uploaded the photo to iPhoto and cropped a little bit and upped the contrast and sharpness. Then I used my WordPress app to upload it here for your enjoyment! 😀 Hope this helps!

      • Wow this is fantastic. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your tips. I would definitely recommend you to start a page with Ipad photo tutorials mostly because you are good at it but also because there are a lot of people who would benefit from it.
        Thanks again this is much appreciated!!

      • That’s a really good idea 🙂 That might be something I start up once I get this blog off the ground. I want to have a solid fan base on this blog before I try anything else. Thanks for the tip though, and thanks for taking an interest in what I do! I enjoy telling others how to achieve the same results as I get 🙂

  1. Cool blog kyle…
    Definitely a photo that made me do a double take. For a second you think it’s natural and realise it can’t possibly be, but it’s like a magic trick, you know you are being given artificial facts and being mentally hoodwinked but you like it anyway and want to keep coming back for more!

    • Thank you so much for this comment Kiwi! I’m glad that this made you do a double take, because that’s sort of the thing I was going for 😛 Also glad it made you come back for more!

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