Captured Beauty


Title: Captured Beauty

Place: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Description: This picture was taken while I was at the zoo over spring break. It was really sad actually… This poor leopard was just lying there for hours on end without anything to do. No hunting, no running, no live bait, no anything. I guess that’s where the title of this picture came from “Captured Beauty”. This animal is so gorgeous and yet is stuck in this small cage. I feel sorry for them. 😦 I hope you enjoy this picture though, I like the edit I did on it with just highlighting the eye. So beautiful!


12 thoughts on “Captured Beauty

    • Thanks Janna! It’s really cool that you think this could go in an ad 🙂 I wish some of my work would actually make it out there, haha. Don’t have the means though 😛 Oh well!

  1. If not for the zoo – I don’t think I would see many animals up front & close. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I know they care for the animals – just feel bad for them being a long ways from their natural habitats. Great job on the photo edit!

    • Thanks so much! And I agree that it’s a toss up on if it’s a good thing or not… I enjoy seeing their beauty up close, but I just wish they didn’t have to suffer for my enjoyment.

  2. This is both beautiful and haunting; it saddens and invigorates me. Such a wild and free creature shouldn’t have to spend its life in a cage…although then we wouldn’t have this gorgeous photo. It would make a lovely image for a book cover!

    • Thanks so much Libby! Yeah… I somewhat wish they they could just get a new leopard each year so that they wouldn’t keep the same animal for 30 years. But I guess thats too much to ask.

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