To Bean or not to Bean


Title: To Bean or not to Bean

Place: Chicago, Illinois

Description: For those of you who have ever been to Chicago you probably know that this is… It’s Chicago’s giant bean! Why? I really don’t know… My girlfriend and I were trying to figure out if there could possibly be any reason but we couldn’t think of any 😛 Oh well!


6 thoughts on “To Bean or not to Bean

  1. Nice pic of “The Bean.” If you look at it – you can see a view of the skyline. The sculpture is really called Cloud Gate. Not many people know that or care. To most of us it’s simply “The Bean.”

    • Whoa, that interesting. This is my first time ever going to Chicago, so I don’t know very much about it, but it’s interesting that it’s called the “Cloud Gate” I wonder what the specific reason is behind that… Anywho, thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the picture. 🙂

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