Title: A”sun”der

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: this picture was taken when I went out with my good friend Stephen to take some pictures! Some of you might recognize this picture because there is one similar that I uploaded a few months ago, but don’t fret, this one is much different πŸ™‚ it was the perfect sunset and sunlight the evening and these pictures turned out great! I hope you enjoy it!


9 thoughts on “A”sun”der

  1. Would you like Talent Flush to share and spread your tremendously beautiful photography. We would love to do that. You are Awesome.

    Team Talent Flush

    • It means the world to me that you would offer this! Yes of course I would love to have Talent Flush spread some of my photography around, as long as I am copyrighted with each one that is shared! πŸ™‚

      Again, thanks so much for offering!

      • As you might have seen the photographs we shared, we put the name of the artist, thats our motive, to promote you and your talent. We will start sharing your photographs soon on FB, Google+, Linked In, Twitter and of course here on wordpress.

        Team TF

      • Wow, I would love that! Is there a chance that you can also provide a link to this blog on each image that you share? That would be great!!

        Let me know if this is possible!

      • You can like the photo we have shared and provide the link of your blog over there as well. We are trying to find a way as to where we should provide the link of each persons blog, because everyone does not have a blog here, many people, in fact most the talent we have shared here comes from our Facebook Page, we have shared your photographs over FB as well. You can check it out. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/talentflush

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