An Avatar State of Mind 3


Title: An Avatar State of Mind 3

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: This is the third installment of the “Avatar State of Mind” series. I just love the colors of this photo and edit. For those of you who have not seen the other Avatar edits to photos, feel free to see them via the links below! πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy this image!

An Avatar State of Mind
An Avatar State of Mind 2

Below is something new that I am going to try. I am going to have a quote in each of my blog posts pertaining to something that is involved in the picture. πŸ™‚ Hope you all enjoy this first installment of “Quotes”. πŸ™‚

Quote: Here’s two of my favorite quotes from the Avatar movie that aired back in 2010!

Jake Sully: β€œSometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.”

Jake Sully: β€œThe Sky People have sent us a message: that they can take whatever they want. That no one can stop them. Well, we will send them a message: that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this…this is our land!”



15 thoughts on “An Avatar State of Mind 3

  1. The Sky people have sent us a message: That they can take whatever the want.

    Well tell them they can have it, we’re going to go with Virgin or BT anyway. We got fed up with Sky

    [All three are TV and Satellite companies here in the UK]

  2. Hahaha, that’s hilarious πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing that, it definitely made me laugh πŸ™‚ So I take it you liked the quotes and the pictures? I hope so πŸ™‚ Just trying out something new!

    • Hahaha yeahh πŸ˜› This would be why I mentioned Avatar πŸ˜› I love these colors so much! The blue in the middle of the flower is so gorgeous! I love it ^_^ THanks for commenting Ewa! πŸ™‚

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