Metallic Flower Bed


Title: Metallic Flower Bed

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: I looked at this picture that I took for a while. The original image was orange and kind of boring. I thought about making just one flower orange and then the rest black and white but that was a little too difficult because they all blend in to each other (couldn’t figure out where the flower began and ended) so I made the whole thing black and white, blasted the contrast, took out some light, and wallah! We have the picture you see above 😉 hope everyone enjoys!

Quote: Below is a poem I found online 🙂 Enjoy!

The Metal and the Flower

Intractable between them grows
a garden of barbed wire and roses.
Burning briars like flames devour
their too innocent attire.
Dare they meet, the blackened wire
tears the intervening air.
Trespassers have wandered through
texture of flesh and petals.
Dogs like arrows moved along
pathways that their noses knew.
While the two who laid it out
find the metal and the flower
fatal underfoot.
Black and white at midnight glows
this garden of barbed wire and roses.
Doused with darkness roses burn
coolly as a rainy moon:
beneath a rainy moon or none
silver the sheath on barb and thorn.
Change the garden, scale and plan;
wall it, make it annual.
There the briary flower grew.
There the brambled wire ran.
While they sleep the garden grows,
deepest wish annuls the will:
perfect still the wire and rose.

P. K.  Page, “The Metal and the Flower” from The Hidden Room. Copyright © 1997 by P. K.  Page.


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