A Study of Line and Texture


Title: A Study of Line and Texture

Place: Grace College in Winona Lake, IN

Description: Alright everyone, I’m really stepping out there with this one. This is a short sketch we did in class today of our hand. The instructions were to trace your hand and then use a pen to create different types of texture on each finger and the back of the hand for a total of six textures. In all honesty I thought I was going to hate the assignment. I’m not a huge fan of drawing, and would much rather just stick to my photography, but of course photography is not the only kind of art form, so I can’t do that. Anyway, I ended up loving this assignment and thus decided to post about it here.

What do you think about my drawing? 🙂 Don’t be shy, I know it’s not the best thing out there, and I can take some criticism, so have at it!

Also, what is your favorite texture? I have numbered them on the picture so you can say a number, I’m sure that will make it easier.(Let it be known that if you choose 6 then you are wrong. 😛 That one just didn’t turn out right) 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you all say!

Thanks everyone!



6 thoughts on “A Study of Line and Texture

  1. Number 6 looks like a werewolf’s hand. Numbers 1 & 5 looks the most realistic. It’s interesting how the texture creates a 3 dimentional effect. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • Thanks Mom! I do agree that #6 looks like a werewolf’s hand… Which is very unfortunate As I was shading it I made the mistake of making the knuckles shaded more when they should have been shaded less… Oh well! I do really like how the fingers turned out, my favorite is probably 1 and 3. The only reason I don’t like 5 though is because it took so long 😛 Those are all dots! Dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot…. Oi 🙂

    • I’m glad you like #5! That one definitely took the longest because it’s just a bunch of dots 😛 And yeah #1 was pretty good too 🙂 That was the first one I did, I was surprised at how it turned out!

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