Natural Color


Title: Natural Color

Place: Niagara Falls, Canada

Description: Well I said yesterday that I would be adding some more pictures of Niagara Falls and I wasn’t kidding! I was looking through the pictures on my iPad today and found this picture…. It was amazing! The color in this photo has not been changed at all, it’s all Natural! The purple of the sun must have been caused by the cloud cover and the mist coming up from the falls or something, not really sure how that works. If you know how it works then let me know πŸ˜› thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do!

Quote: “A strong man and a waterfall channel their own path.”


6 thoughts on “Natural Color

  1. Awesome photo! I know exactly where that was shot. I have af ew similar….just not with that awesome color! πŸ™‚ Don’t ya just love it when it comes out fo that camera like that?

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