New Camera???

20121113-172634.jpgTitle: New Camera???

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: WHAT IS THIS!?! I have a new camera!!! Who’s excited? I am! Although really it is not mine. 😥 But that’s alright. A professor at my college heard that I was into photography and decided that she would let me borrow her camera. So now she is letting me borrow it for about a month! I’m so stoked to be able to take some real pictures that actually still look good when you zoom in, haha! Speaking of which, the photo above is a picture from one of the first photo shoots I did with this new camera. This is possibly one of the last roses we will see before the frost takes them all away for a few months. 😦 Editing is still done with the iPad though. 🙂 So don’t worry! I’m still sticking with my roots 😛 Hope you enjoy the new and improved photo’s to come though! Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “New Camera???

    • Thanks so much for the comment RoSy! Yeah it was a great subject for the first shoot, though this isn’t the only picture I took 😛 I think for the first shoot I took over 450 pictures! Fun stuff 😛

      I’m so thankful that my professor let me borrow her camera. I love it!

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