A Wisp of Fragrance

20121115-170834.jpgTitle: A Wisp of Fragrance

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: Ahh this was a very fun night. I decided to go to a friends house to stay up all night and do some much needed Networking homework that we both have been procrastinating on. As you can see, I ended up taking some pictures….. So you can imagine how much homework got done.. Haha! (Just kidding, I actually got a bunch done! I just had to stop to take pictures of this) Sam, my friend, lit this incense to make the room smell a little better, then we wanted to take a video of it because he thought the wisps of smoke looked really cool (I must agree) so he set up a lamp to brighten up the smoke and then shot his video. Then I remember that my new camera was right outside in my car! So I grabbed it and took some pictures of my own. ^_^ Hope you like it! 🙂



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