About Me

Disclaimer: All the following pictures were taken and edited by me πŸ™‚

I am Kyle StephensonI am 19 years oldI have a wonderful girlfriend named GabrielleI love longboarding everywhere I can (Yes I have a lighted longboard :P)I think MyFight is a great organization (Visit their site:Β www.myfight.orgΒ :))I love Raspberry Tea

I have 4 majors

I go to Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana

I work at DePuy Inc. as a Web Designer

I have an iPad

I love to listen to music

I think dubstep is amazing

I like nature and everything it entails

I eat Ramen on a daily basis

I am not a fan of sports

I am always looking to try new things

I have many friends and I love them all

I drive a car that’s as old as I am

I am originally from Ohio

I amΒ frugalΒ with my money

I love photographing the simple things

I am a born again believer

I own way too manyΒ t-shirts

I think the color blue is the best

I love technology


39 thoughts on “About Me

    • Yeah! Weird enough, none of them really have anything to do with art. They are Business Administration, Accounting, Web Development and Design, and Management of Information Systems. But I do need some sort of artistic let out, so that’s sorta where this blog came in. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting though and for the compliments. (PS: I like the flowers most as well. :P)

    • Haha thanks! I’ll be adding more stuff about me as I think about it πŸ™‚ I like to let people know a little about me so they can get a feel for the photographer behind the photos! Thanks for liking my photos ^_^

  1. Your “about Me” sound as though my daughter wrote it. She is 16, plays guitar, and loves hardcore music with a little dubstep thrown in. Good luck to you with your education. Blessings.

    • Oh really?? Your daughter sounds like she knows whats good, haha! Thank you for commenting and liking πŸ™‚ And for the luck! Goodluck to you too with your family and photos!

    • Yes! Everything about this blog is done with the iPad. The pictures are taken with the iPad, the editing is done with 4 editing apps on the iPad, I post the pictures from the iPad to wordPress, I comment with the iPad πŸ˜‰ All hail the iPad, hahaha!

      • Beautiful stuff! People are doing excellent work using iPhone and iPad cameras and editing software and it’s a pleasure looking at your images. — JG

      • Thanks! I’m glad you stopped by and checked out my stuff ^_^ It means a lot! I’ll definitely be following to see what you come up with in the future!

    • Thanks so much! I’m very happy with my iPad and have so enjoyed taking photos with it! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ And for checking out my About Me page πŸ˜› I feel like sometimes I added pictures to this page for nothing πŸ˜‰

      • My pleasure!! One question though do you get stares from people when you try and click photos with an IPad? I recently received the Ipad as a gift and often feel a bit embarrassed clicking pictures with it πŸ™‚

      • Haha well first, let me ask… Did you get the iPad 3 as a gift? But to answer your question, yes I get some looks, but luckily most of the photos I have taken are here in town and it’s not a very big town. So a lot of people know I take photos with my iPad. I’ve even had some people buy prints of my pictures to put in their home. That’s really fun!

      • Glad you got the 3rd generation! It’s so much better than the 1 or 2. I’m really happy with it, and it has replace my laptop in almost every way!

      • Well for sure the 3rd generation is great but by no means has it replaced my laptop. Maybe I am a bit slow with technology πŸ™‚
        But I love reading on it and that experience is by far better than on my laptop.

      • Haha yeah I guess it all depends on how quickly you adapt to technology πŸ™‚ For me it is much easier just to carry around my iPad then lugging my big laptop around πŸ™‚ And if I need to type something up I have a wireless keyboard πŸ˜€

      • That’s awesome πŸ™‚
        I have only had the Ipad for about three weeks so hopefully with time I get better acquainted with all the Ipad tricks!!

  2. You have a lit longboard? do you skate in the dark with it? amazing!
    I still have lots to learn about technology… part of me wants to and part of me just can’t be bothered, (but I have to now to keep up with my kids) it’s double edged sword…

    • Haha yeah! I have a lighted longboard, and I definitely ride it at night! It looks really amazing, though I’ve not taken pictures of it at night yet (Leave it to me to be lazy! Lol) Anyway, luckily I was born into this technology so I am very acquainted with all the new things. You can learn it though! You just have to put in the time πŸ™‚

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