There are many things that brought about my need to try out this blog.

I guess it all started with my first camera that I got years and years ago. It was nothing special, just a little 3 MP digital camera. I loved taking pictures with it though, and would take pictures on any trips I went on. Well, that camera got old, and I got busy. I stopped taking pictures for a very long time, until a few months ago when I decided to invest in an Ipad. I bought the newest iPad (3rd Generation) and immediately loved it. Even better, the iPad has a decent camera in it, and can shoot HD pictures and videos. So what did I do? I went out and shot over 200 pictures the first week I had it. Since then I have taken over 1200 pictures of numerous places. Not only do I take pictures with the iPad, but I also edit pictures with my iPad using a bunch of different editing applications.

So, now that it’s summer, and I am not constantly hounded by homework and two jobs; I have decided to make a blog to post pictures I have taken the last few months and pictures I will take in the months to come. So stay posted! New pictures will come everyday!


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