Well, they aren’t really secret because anyone could find them. But this page is for those who want to know exactly what I do to get some of my pictures. There isn’t much to taking pictures with the iPad, and you can get from taking a picture, to editing it, to posting on a blog within’ minutes!
First the Camera:


Camera Infinity Icon

Camera ∞
» Some have been talking about the Camera ∞ app and I just want to shut this down right away. This app was very good on the iPhone, and I recommend it for anyone who takes pictures with their iPhone, but for the iPad it doesn’t offer anything that the normal camera doesn’t. (Except for maybe a timer, but even that is a bit glitchy.)
Camera Plus IconCamera +
» Some also might know of an app for the iPhone called Camera +. This app is amazing and offers many extra features for the iPhone’s camera. However it is not out for the iPad, yet. I would keep on the lookout for when they do finally come out with it for the iPad.
iPad Camera Icon» All of this to say that… Well I just use the simple iPad Camera. I haven’t found any suitable replacement for it yet. However, there are some tips you should know about the iPad’s Camera.
Tips, Tricks, Hints and Glitches

  • Pinching in and out with two fingers will zoom in and out.
  • Touching Camera Switch Button will switch between the front and back camera.
  • Sliding Camera to Video Camera Slider will switch between the camera and video camera.
  • Touching Options Button will bring up the option to turn on the grid, this can be good if you’re trying to center something.
  • Touching anywhere on the screen will focus the camera to that spot. This has a few problems though:

► First, the camera will adjust the brightness; This will work correctly most of the time, but I’ve noticed that for far away things it will sometimes make dark things darker and light things lighter.

► Second, this feature has a hard time focusing on small things that are closer to your camera than the background. To fix this problem try placing your hand behind the small object to get the focus right, and then take your hand away. [and pray it stays in focus]

  • When taking pictures with the iPad it can sometimes be hard to touch that small button on the left side. There are two solutions that I have found:

► First, you can take any picture with the ‘volume’ button on the right side of the iPad. (Both volume up and down work the same)

► Second, you can lock the iPad using the button right above the volume button. ☼ This will keep the ‘take picture’ touchable button in the same place, letting you maneuver the iPad whatever way you please to the your picture.

  • A really cool trick that I just learned not too long ago (and that had been very instrumental in this secrets page) is the ability to take screen shots with your iPad. If you click the ‘Home’ button and the ‘power’ button at the same time the screen will flash white and you’ll have a screenshot saved in your Camera Roll.

☼ The default setting for this button is to Mute the iPad. This can be changed if you go to:
Settings -> General -> Use Side Switch To: and change it to Lock Rotation.
Settings Button ->General Tab->Use Side Switch To: Lock Rotation

(More to come as I have time to do it 🙂 )

Next the Editing:

()SketchBook Pro
()Pix: Pixel Mixer
()ColorBlast! HD
()PicShop Lite

Last is Posting:


Interesting facts:

  • Regular photos on the iPad are saved as .jpegs, however screen shots taken with the iPad are saved as .png.
  • The outside camera on the iPad is 5 MP meaning it will shoot 2592 x 1936 pixel photos. The inside camera is only 0.3 MP meaning it will shoot 640 x 480 pixel photos. The screen shot tool takes pictures equivalent to a 3.1 MP camera meaning it will shoot 2048 x 1536 photos.



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