So Close!


Title: So Close!

Place: Warsaw, Indiana

Description: So this is labeled “So Close!” For two reasons. First of all is for the picture itself! We were the first car in line last night for a train… The train was moving SOOOO SLOOOWWW which means I was able to get a good 12 pictures of it before it passed, haha! But anyway, it took a really long time for it to get to the area where we were waiting because we all know that when the lights are flashing that you don’t dare cross even if you know nothing is close (isn’t it weird how that is instilled in us as children…) Anyway, besides my psychological argument there, there is another reason why this is “So Close!” Because as of right now I am writing this at 11:48 pm eastern time which means that I am about 12 minutes for missing my first day this year… Psh, no way! Hope you guys like this! I’m glad I still am holding to posting everyday this year 🙂