New Camera, Better Content, Unedited!

20121117-203321.jpgTitle: New Camera, Better Content, Unedited!

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: Well well well, look what the new camera brought in! About a week ago my fiancee and I decided to go out and take a bunch of pictures together with my new camera. I think all in all I took about 500 pictures, but that’s beside the point. I got some AMAZING pictures of the last few fall leaves before they were all gone. I also got some amazing pictures of my fiancee 😛 (If she lets me, I might put some of those pictures up, because I normally don’t take good pictures of people, but somehow these turned out great!) Anyway, the picture above is of one of the trees we saw while on our excursion. I loved it SO MUCH that I didn’t even edit it at all! I hope you like it! I took it while laying down on the grass. 😛 Let me know what you think!


Happenstance Silhouette


Title: Happenstance Silhouette

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: There isn’t a ton that is special about this picture. I just love silhouettes and this one is definitely one of my favorites. I just love how you can see every single pitch black branch coming from the huge trunk. The only thing I would change (if I changed anything at all) it would be the color of the sky on the top right of the photo. It bothers me that it is not white 😛 but what can a person do! Hahaha. Hope you enjoy this silhouette! Cheers!

What’s Wrong Here?


Title: What’s Wrong Here

Place: Winona Lake, Indiana

Description: I thought this was a pretty great picture! But… Can you tell what’s wrong with it? You have to look real close to figure it out! Post your ideas about what’s wrong below 😛 Look forward to what everyone thinks! My girlfriend thought it was pretty clever at least 😀 That’s good enough for me!